Samaya Meditation Cosmos 2-Piece Set

Samaya Meditation Cosmos 2-Piece Set

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Cosmos is a luxurious, soft fabric with metallic silver thread woven throughout in a series of staggered striations. It looks and feels incredible in person and cannot be justified in photos.

The total package of comfort and support so you can focus on your practice. Elevate your pelvis and support your spine with the round cushion, and give your knees a soft landing with the flat cushion underneath.


Round cushion is 14" diameter x 6" height / approx 6 lbs
Round cushion is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, millet hulls, and lavender
Flat cushion is 30" square x 3" height / approx 6 lbs 8 oz
Flat cushion is filled with dense, plush cotton
Outer cover of both cushions are removable for convenient cleaning
Made in the USA


The Round Cushion is filled with our all natural custom mix grown and harvested in the US made of:

Buckwheat Hulls for robust, springy support
Millet Hulls for a cloud-like plushy hold
a light touch of Dried Lavender to relax and engage the senses

The Flat Cushion is filled with Organic Cotton
for cloud-like cushion for your knees and joints
Certified Organic and grown in the US